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Толщиномер многослойных покрытий (сверло Себерга)
21.08.2009, 16:07

Paint Borer 518


Измерение толщины покрытий на дереве, стекле, бетоне, пластике и т.п.


Основные характеристики

  • измерение толщины слоев многослойных покрытий
  • измерение покрытий на неметаллических подложках
  • сменный резак из твердой стали
  • управляемый процесс надреза
  • встроенный микроскоп


DIN 50 986, ISO 2808, ASTM D 4138, NF T 30-123

Метод измерения

The standardised wedge cut method to measure coating thickness is a destructive method in which the specimen is cut
at a defined angle. From the projected width of the cut face the layer thickness can be calculated making use of a
simple geometrical relationship. The Paint Borer 518 in principle uses the same technique but differs in that it features
a number of important refinements. With Model 518 the damage to the coating is limited to a small conical hole as
illustrated in the sectional view Fig. 1. In the measuring microscope a system of concentric circles is visible and from
the difference in the radii of the circles which can be measured using the measuring microscope, the film thickness can
be calculated by multiplying with a known factor

Technical data
■❙ Measuring accuracy 1%
■❙ Battery 6 F 22 (6 LR 61)
■❙ Dimensions
(L x W x H) 145 x 55 x 110 mm
■❙ Net weight 850 g
■❙ Min. dimensions of sample without
specimen table 150 x 25 mm
■❙ With specimen table 10 x 6 mm

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